Don’t detox on juice, detox with Pilates…

Don’t detox on juice, detox with Pilates…

As the sun starts to warm, and the weather moves into Spring, you might notice a change in how you think and feel. You may feel a shift in your energy and motivation levels. It’s now far less of a battle to get moving than it has been in the colder, dreary winter days. Plus, we have 4 hours to spend outdoors now for exercise with the latest lockdown restrictions easing!

Before you go full bolt into a new exercise routine, take stock and be aware of how much physical activity you’ve been doing lately. The last thing you want to do now that you are energised and motivated, is to go too hard with intense exercise and risk injury because your body wasn’t ready or conditioned for it. 

Why not look at it as if you’re giving your body a ‘spring clean’, detoxing your mind and body ready for the energetic summer months. Awakening your muscles with low impact movements such as reformer based Pilates is a great way to do this. 

Joseph Pilates was aware of the value of moving with the seasons. He taught us that a good Pilates workout was like an ‘internal shower’. Cleanse your body naturally with a sweaty reformer Pilates workout that’s low impact and allows you to bounce out of bed again the next day! 

Detoxes don’t always have to be about food (or lack thereof).  Pilates helps to oxygenate the body and therefore assist in the detoxing process. Some regular practice will help reduce any achy feeling and be ready full of energy for Summer and ‘freedom day’.  

Throw on your favourite spring music playlist, let the sun shine in through the windows onto your reformer bed, and feel alive!