Short on time? The benefits of ‘express’ Pilates classes

Short on time? The benefits of ‘express’ Pilates classes

Don’t have time to fit in a full Pilates session but are worried that a shorter class is somehow cheating? Well – worry no more!  

We’re here to explain just why a shorter Pilates class can often be just as good, sometimes better than your traditional length set. 

Pilates focuses on controlled, precise movements, and these movements can be done in short intervals to target specific muscles and improve strength, flexibility, and posture of a focused muscle group.  

Make the most of the time you do have and be precise. Think about how your body is moving and whether it’s moving in the way that it should be. Refine the moves you’re making during the time you have got. Think about the quality of your movement, not the quantity of your movements.  

Consistency is key: and regular consistent Pilates practice, even for short periods of time, will have cumulative benefits for body and mind over time. For example, just 10-15 minutes of Pilates practiced each day will help to stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and increase your body awareness. So, if a shorter class means you can squeeze that in more frequently, then that will be better for you overall! 

Research has found that shorter workouts can be more successful than longer ones when training from home, this can be due to all sorts of factors such as distractions in your home environment, attention span (and mind wandering), and the lack of someone else physically being there to push you when you’d usually be tempted to stop.  

Don’t completely sub out your longer sessions though – those longer Pilates classes can provide a more comprehensive workout and help to achieve great results too. As with everything in life, it's best to find a balance between short, focussed sessions and longer, more full-body classes to get the maximum benefits from your Pilates practice. 

What's great is that when you're on your YR Reformer at home, you are in complete control of when, where and how long your Pilates sessions are. Plus, with our OnDemand App you'll always have access to hundreds of fresh, fun classes to keep you motivated and accountable.