Pilates Freedom in movement

Pilates: Finding freedom in movement

Pilates: Finding freedom in movement 

As we transition out of the summer season of being outdoors, our new year goals are in full swing, and a few extra balls seem to have made their way into our juggling hands. Now is a great time to focus on staying balanced in all areas of life, and the benefits of consistent movement practice, such as Pilates, can help you get there. 

So, as we settle into the Autumn months, how can we create more freedom for movement? The YR OnDemand app is the perfect place to start! A regular Pilates practice provides many aspects of freedom for our overall health and well-being may just be the approach to movement that creates more time and space for you. How? Read on!


Freedom for the body 

Pilates can benefit posture, balance and coordination and provides us with a greater connection to our body through body awareness, ultimately creating greater physical freedom.    


Freedom for the mind 

We focus on connection to breath and movement in Pilates. Not only does this provide physical freedom but allows us to work on our mind-body connection, bringing us back from our busy external life and back to our centre-of-self. Pilates is a mindful movement that can help us navigate challenges not only in class but beyond and into our daily lives.    


Freedom to access classes to suit your schedule  

With a YR reformer Pilates bed at home, you’ll have the freedom to move when you want, how you want to that day. If you need to stretch your body or are craving something a little faster-paced, the power is in your hands.  

The YR OnDemand app provides the freedom to choose your subscription package, putting you in complete control. All our options have unlimited access day or night to a comprehensive OnDemand library of classes. This means you have the freedom to choose when you work out, whether that is first thing in the morning setting up for a great day ahead, at the end of the day after family responsibilities are completed, or to clear the mind during your evening ritual, the choice is yours to suit what works for you.  


Freedom to choose the length and intensity of your workout  

Whether you are starting your Pilates journey or a seasoned Pilates enthusiast, we have a variety of class styles that range from 15 to 45 minutes in length. This includes introductory sessions to help navigate the reformer bed and props, beginner, and intermediate classes as well as higher intensity reformer and hybrid workouts for days requiring a little extra sweat.   


Join Your Reformer - At Home and allow our warm and experienced instructors to help you find the freedom you are searching for in your week.