Customer spotlight: Gabi's experience

Customer spotlight: Gabi's experience

We love our reformers, but what matters more to us, is that you do too.

We reached out to a few customers recently with a few questions to find out how their experience of their YR bed was going.

In the first of our customer feature series, Gabi Johnston, a full time Pilates Instructor, talks about her time so far with her YR Studio Bed in ivory. 

After following Your Reformer on Instagram for some time I finally made the move and I bought my Studio Reformer Bed back in December 2021, a goal of mine was always to have my own reformer as soon as I started teaching. 
I chose the Studio bed as it was most similar to what I am used to working with and I think it caters to everyone which is ideal for my clients.  I love my home studio and with the addition of all my plants, it is definitely my favourite room in the house. 
Gabi on YR Studio using jump board attachment
Pilates is my full time job, if I'm not teaching Pilates I'm constantly planning and thinking about my classes. I do a lot of filming content at home whether it be classes for my website, YouTube or creative content for Instagram so having a reformer at home allows all that to be possible. I love being able to share my ideas and classes with everyone. 
Having my own studio is on the cards and it’s always best to try before you buy (too many). Having the experience I did with Your Reformer and loving the bed, it’s safe to say I’d go back plus the added bonus of being able support an Australian company.
A couple of times a week I’m jumping on the bed to do some filming or letting inspiration strike for class planning. I enjoy being able to do just 15-20 minutes of my own practice when the time suits, although sometimes it can end up being feet in straps the whole time."(YR: We're definitely guilty of this too! Love those feet in straps moves!).
Gabi's dogs helping her with her Pilates practice
I work across multiple studios so I do have a lot of access to use reformers, which is fantastic but the fact I don’t have to go to work to workout or have a play around is a nice change and means I can spend more time at home with my partner & pug Billie. 
Pilates is part of my daily routine even before the purchase of my own reformer so I wouldn’t say I’ve increased my practice rather it has made my own self practice more relaxing and my time to unwind. I’m not trying to squeeze in a quick workout between classes or go back to work on my night off to get a class in. 
The Your Reformer app is great to have when I want to zone out and not have to think about my own workout. There is a great variety and always something to suit how I feel at the time. 
I'm yet to try one of the challenges... I’m keen to try the 10 Day Core Challenge - best thing about the app, I wasn’t able to join the live challenge but I can go back and do it anytime! 
I’ve loved my experience with Your Reformer, the team instantly made me feel a part of their community -  Not something I was expecting from the purchase of a reformer but a welcomed invitation. I love my reformer and I recommend them to everyone. ❤️

We love this so much! The experience Gabi has with her bed is exactly what we're all about and we want each and every one of our customers to feel this way too! 

Gabi's on Instagram: so head on over there to check out more beautiful Pilates flows with her, her dogs and her YR Studio bed!

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