Frequently Asked Questions
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Every detail on each of our YR reformer beds has been engineered and built with you in mind, because we understand how people use Reformers.

Our reformer beds have been tested in our own studios and our customer reviews speak for themselves about how they feel to practice on.

Super comfortable, sturdy, streamlined and beautiful on the eye.

At YR, we don't just sell high-end reformer Pilates beds, we've built a supportive community experience to ensure you get the most out of your Pilates practice at home.

The OnDemand app content has been created by experienced instructors hand-picked by us.

We'll make you feel empowered, connected and supported every step of the way, no matter where you start.

We stand by the quality of our beds and truly believe they are the best reformer beds available to buy or rent for home (or studio use) on the market.

A qualified pilates instructor who owned and operated 6 reformer Pilates studios throughout Melbourne, Emma saw a need for quality at-home Reformer Pilates beds to make Pilates more accessible to all of us. Alongside her husband Ben, Your Reformer was born. Your Reformer has been designed to bring an inspiring reformer pilates studio experience to your home. With engaging, handpicked instructors and a variety of classes on demand to use at any time.

To have a Your Reformer at home is perfect for busy parents, professionals, beginners not ready to enter a studio, and those with experience looking to add more to workouts. It's also perfect for instructors wanting to find time to practice at home, or perhaps completing a course where practice hours are required.

All our Pilates Reformer beds feature premium fittings high quality materials.

The YR Original
This Reformer Bed is built to light commercial standards.It's designed to exceed expectations of what's on the market at the same price point. Lighter than the Studio bed, it can be wheeled into different areas of your home. The YR Original has a solid maplewood frame.

The YR Original Folding
Essentially the same as our Original reformer bed model. It has the ability to be folded for convenience or stored away while not in use.
Both YR Original and YR Original Folding reformer beds have the added benefit of adjustable legs that allow the frame to be lifted to a height of up to 36cm.

The YR Studio
Our Studio Reformer bed uses almost double the amount of timber than our other models. Built for a commercial/studio environment or a permanent feature in your in-home studio.

The upholstery on the YR Studio is plush. An additional 2 foot-bar positions and high end mechanism to move the bar. An additional level for spring placement.

YR Original Bed – 235cm (L) x 64 (W) x 26-36cm (H) Weight rating 130kg

YR Original Folding: 235cm (L) x 64 (W) x 26-36cm (H) Weight rating 130kg

- When Folded: 122cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 50cm (H)

YR Studio Bed – 237cm (L) x 67cm (W) x 32cm (H) Weight rating 160kg

All our reformer carriages are 93cm long and 60cm wide

Red is full strength, Blue is half strength and Yellow is quarter strength. Our beds come with two red springs, two blue springs and 1 yellow spring. Our Studio bed has 3 levels for spring hooks to choose tension, and our rental and original beds have two hook levels for adjustments.

• The maximum weight limit of a YR Studio is 160kg
• The maximum weight limit of a YR Original or Original folding is 130kg

Our partnered courier in Auckland will delivery your bed as close to your door as possible. This service is available in Metro Auckland.

Outside of this area, our standard delivery to your local depot will apply. We are here to chat to you about the best ways you can collect your bed.

We have videos for you to follow along with setting up and getting you started with your beautiful YR bed. Plus our team are here on hand via phone, phone or social messages to support as well.

Should the bed be a Pre-Order, the expected dispatch will be clearly noted on the product.

For in-stock reformers, we'll deliver to you within 14 days of placing your order for metro, or 14-21 days for regional locations.

Your delivery can be scheduled by our Team anywhere between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you have any specific requirements our delivery team is happy to assist where they can.

In Metro Auckland, your bed will be carefully delivered 'curbside'.

In areas outside of metro Auckland, your bed will be delivered to your closest depot where you can collect.

In areas outside of metro Auckland, your bed will be delivered to your closest depot where you can collect.

We do recommend checking the crate size and collecting with a trailer or a ute. 

We are continuing to see global challenges with imports due to COVID-19 and whilst we do endeavour to mitigate these issues with all our partners where we can, some things are unfortunately out of our control.

We endeavour to communicate any shipping and delivery updates with an estimated timeline to our customers as soon as we are able to. Our intention is to provide the most up to date information as soon as we can and remain transparent with you.

Customers already awaiting an order that may be delayed will be prioritised once stock comes in to our warehouse and where we ordinarily take 2-3 weeks to dispatch, we add additional teams and trucks to the road to dispatch within a 5-7 day turnaround at most.

We know how excited our customers are to receive their beds and appreciate your understanding and patience when these circumstances happen.

You can access YR OnDemand classes anytime once you have your app access. Classes range from beginner to advanced with varying styles, focuses and lengths of classes available. Classes are updated and added to monthly so you can be assured that there's always something to suit your level, mood or physical requirement.

As well as generalist Pilates sessions we also partner with physiotherapists to bring specialised programs such as pre and post-natal, active ageing and injury specific sets.

When you buy or rent a bed from us, we'll automatically give you complimentary access to the OnDemand app for a limited period of time, after which you can renew your subscription so you don't lose out on accessing these great sessions. You'll receive access to your OnDemand app just before you receive your bed delivery, and simple instructions on how to access it will be provided via email.

You can also purchase a subscription to the OnDemand app, even if you don't have one of our Your Reformer beds so you can access all the great content. You'll get access instructions as soon as your payment is set-up.

Yes, absolutely! For those of you that are renting Your Reformer, the OnDemand classes are included for the duration of your rental period.

Yes you can. Our App is now better than ever, with lots of new features to enjoy.

Follow these simple tips to keep your bed in top condition:
- Keep your bed indoors and protected from the elements
- No food or drink on the reformer
- Dust/wipe down the railings once a week to keep the movement of the bed unblocked and smooth
- Wipe down the upholstery after use. To do this, just use general dishwashing detergent in water and a wet cloth. Wet the cloth and wipe down upholstery, avoid spraying liquid directly onto the bed. Let upholstery air dry
- If you choose to wash the hand and feet straps, place in a lingerie washing bag in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, and hang in direct sunlight to dry
- Rotate through your reformer bed springs evenly, to ensure they wear well and you get the longest use out of them
- When not using the reformer, it’s safest to leave 1 red spring on so that the carriage doesn’t move if someone were to sit/place weight on it. Avoid leaving all springs on as this can wear the tension of the springs out faster
- Springs are recommended to be replaced in a commercial setting every 24 months. You can purchase individual springs from us by emailing us directly.
- Every few months, take your carriage off the base of the reformer bed and tighten the nuts on the carriage wheels to keep it tracking straight on the rails

In addition to the bed dimensions, you also need to consider allowing at least 50cm at the end of the bed in front of your foot bar, and at least 50cm either side of the bed for lateral movements.

Like with any piece of furniture in your home, we recommend extra protection for the flooring underneath the reformer bed. Something non-slip is always a great option for stability of your reformer.

We have introduction videos that orient you with your new YR bed, as well as beginner workouts to get you going. We also have available a 30 day plan for beginners to follow along with to guide you through your journey until you get into the swing of it and feel more confident!

Our rental and Original bed models are excellent options as a beginner. Our OnDemand app can guide you along with introductory orientation videos to make sure you are confident with your bed, as well as beginner pilates programs to give you the foundations to progress with in a safe manner.