Your Reformer Style Series: Terrazzo

Your Reformer Style Series: Terrazzo

Embrace Elegance: Styling Tips for our Terrazzo Reformer

Introducing our latest star in the reformer lineup—Terrazzo. Where functionality meets elegance, this classic pattern brings a touch of sophistication to your pilates sanctuary. Terrazzo, a timeless concrete flooring technique, has experienced a resurgence in interior design and landscaping, and our reformer captures its essence perfectly.

Featuring an ivory base 
adorned with delicate grey chips reminiscent of rocks scattered artfully, our Terrazzo reformer adds texture and interest to any space without overpowering it. 

Our resident Designer and Stylist, Melanie Webster, has expertly styled the Terrazzo reformer in a living space with green and ivory accents. The seamless blend of colours, from the ivory base of the reformer to the cool grey undertones shared with the room, creates a harmonious ambiance that's both inviting and chic.

Styling Tips 

Pair the Terrazzo reformer with our sleek black marble pilates accessories to complement darker floorboards effortlessly.

Something like a dark green buffet not only adds a subtle pop of colour but also 
conveniently stores all your Pilates essentials. Add a framed photograph of a tropical beach location for a touch of brightness and tranquility, and of course, no space is complete without fresh blooms.

Terrazzo may not be the typical first choice, but if you're aiming to add sophistication and 
texture, it offers a timeless appeal that effortlessly bridges sleek modernity with traditional elegance.