The YR Wellness Month of May: Navigating the Winter months

The YR Wellness Month of May: Navigating the Winter months

Here at YR, and particularly with our head office being based in Melbourne, we know how chilly and demotivating late Autumn and winter can get. The change in seasons, and being in artificially warmed rooms indoors can play havoc on our bodies and mental state.

We have a few tips for you to help navigate the change of seasons and keep your wellbeing front of mind over these winter months, no matter where you're based in Australia (or the world!);

  1. Moisturise: Your skin is your greatest protection to the world. Look after it! You might be feeling itchy skin with the change in season and dry heating. Try adding some moisturising to your morning or night routine, not just your face but your entire body. A couple of body moisturisers we love: are Bangn Body Firming Lotion  and Enrich Collagen Body Butter by Kissed Earth.
  1. Keep moving: Don’t let the colder, wetter (or shorter) days, lock you to the couch. Movement gives you energy, helps flush toxins and gets those feel-good endorphin levels up. Not to mention will help keep ‘winter weight’ at bay (if that's your concern). What better reason to hop on your YR reformer and follow some of our OnDemand App classes?!
  1. Protect your hair: It's not just skin that needs a little extra help during this time of the year. Dehydrated hair is real when moving from the cold outside to artificial heat inside. So...wash your hair less and try to decrease the use of over-hot styling tools. That’s right, you have permission for more ‘mum buns’, pony tails, and dry shampoo! Here's a couple of styles we're loving at the moment to keep the winter 'straggle' at bay.
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    1. Good sleep hygiene: Not always easy if you have small children, but trying to keep a good sleep routine will help your body to fight off any of the many viruses that float around during the winter months. Keeping off your phone at least half an hour prior to going to bed will help you to fall asleep easier too. Create a pre-bed wind-down routine for yourself to lower cortisol levels; try a cup of chamomile tea, read a book, lower the lights and get the warm and cosy feelings happening.
    1. Get outside: Depending on where you are in Australia, the weather can make it hard to get outside, but fresh air and vitamin D is super important to your overall wellbeing. So rug up if needed, and hit the footpaths. Just because we aren’t in lockdown anymore doesn’t mean we should stop  going for our walks or playtime at the park with the kids. If you're lucky enough to be not too far from a beach, do yourself a favour and make a point to head there for some exercise – they are just beautiful in the winter, and much more quiet, peaceful places as well.
    1. Eat well: Keeping your immune system strong and your energy levels up should be a focus, but switch to more warming foods and meals. Get the slow cooker out and plan some meals ahead. Cooking doesn’t need to be hard work, just throw it all in and let it cook all day to enjoy a very tender and satisfying meal the whole family will love. Meal planning is like a gift to your future self; having something ready to eat on those days when motivation is a challenge is a real boost. Remember to eat the colours of the rainbow – lots of fruit and vegetables and aim for those that are seasonal to winter rather than imported to avoid preservatives and keep the budget low. Try this hearty soup for a healthy, satisfying and delicious lunch or dinner.

    If you've got any rituals or behaviours that get you through the shorter daylight hours, we'd love to hear about it! Get in touch with us via socials to share!