Shake-it-up with our handy Reformer Pilates tips for keeping it real!

Shake-it-up with our handy Reformer Pilates tips for keeping it real!

You may have heard that consistency is key to seeing progress in your movement journey, but adding variety is also an important piece of the puzzle, it's all about balance!  

Here we explore why it's beneficial to shake up your routine from time to time and how our 10-day Body Shake-up challenge may be just what you need right now. 


Break through slumps

Do you find yourself sticking to the same familiar class styles? This can be a great thing, to track improvements in technique, but you also find your body has become very efficient at this level.

Try taking on a new progression in each class that you feel ready for, or selecting from a style you wouldn’t normally choose. This can help activate different muscle groups and even heart rate zones. Our HIIT hybrid classes are great for adding low-impact cardio into the mix and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your workout. 


Relight your fire 

Challenging yourself to branch out to different class styles, using new props, or committing to a 10-day challenge can be just what you need to reignite enthusiasm around your workout routine. Variety not only keeps things fun and interesting, it ensures continuous challenges for your body too.


Meaningful mind-body connection 

Learning something new requires concentration! Shaking up your workout routine is a great way to connect body and mind. Focusing on a fresh workout routine is certain to set your mind up for a productive day ahead, or if evening workouts work best for you, a great way to disconnect from the day and reconnect with self.  


Ready to shake things up? Check out the YR 10-day Body Shake-up challenge on the Your Reformer- At Home OnDemand App.