New Year, Best You - Why journaling could be the answer

New Year, Best You - Why journaling could be the answer

The commencement of a new year acts as a mental trigger to inspire positive change. It's when we list our goals, resolutions or, if you subscribe to the current social media trend, our "in's and out's."


This year, we're all about inspiring the best version of ourselves. Gone are the days of setting unrealistic goals and setting ourselves up for failure. In keeping with this theme, one of our 2024 "in's" is journaling.


We already knew that journaling can help improve mindfulness, memory, and communication, but there are so many other helpful benefits. Writing down your thoughts before bed can help calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety and leading to better quality sleep.


According to the best-selling book Atomic Habits written by James Clear, start small. You don't need to commit to journaling every night for 30 minutes. In fact, you are more likely to fail with this approach. Instead, start 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes and then build from there. You will naturally want to increase as you start to enjoy the process and feel the benefits.


It is such a great ritual to help reduce the habit of mindlessly scrolling through social media at night and process thoughts from the day.


As part of our New Year offer, we have released a Wellness Journal, to help you practice gratitude, reflect, check in, set goals, and stay organised. It also contains the standard calendar entries to meet your diary and journaling needs in one.


We want each and every one of our community to feel more empowered and self-confident in their journey in 2024.