Celebrating Mens Health Week with our Gym Series - available now on Your Reformer - At Home

Celebrate Men's Health week with Your Reformer

With five reasons for men to give reformer Pilates a go!

More and more men are embracing reformer Pilates because of its amazing benefits. And with this year's Men's Health Week theme focusing on creating healthy habits, it's clear to us that Pilates should be part of the positive change men make.

We know how great Pilates is for everyone, no matter their gender, and with that in mind, we've created a Gym Series on our Your Reformer - At Home OnDemand platform for all the men out there, in celebration of Men's health week. 

Whether experienced or brand new to Pilates, this series of exercises guided by our amazing Pilates Instructor Brendon, is designed to showcase how your favourite gym exercises transfer directly onto the Pilates reformer bed, whilst also providing the added benefits Pilates brings to any fitness routine. 


Here are the top five reasons why men should give reformer Pilates a try:

  • Core strength and stability  

Building physical strength is a major benefit of engaging in reformer Pilates workouts, which place a strong emphasis on developing core strength and stability. Pilates focuses on correct technique and activation of deep core muscles including abs, back and pelvic floor. This can lead to increased strength, stability, greater posture, athletic performance as well as injury prevention. Our Your Reformer - At home app also has classes specific to working the core. 

  • Injury prevention  

The low-impact nature of reformer Pilates is great for those who carry or are prone to injury. All movements on the reformer are controlled and mindful, working key stabilising muscles to support joints, improve movement patterns, flexibility, and create body awareness that in turn can strengthen imbalances within the body. 

  •  Increased flexibility and range of movement  

Reformer Pilates not only works to build strength but at the same time lengthens the muscles, creating greater flexibility and mobility.  Using the resistance of the reformer apparatus to perform your favourite gym movements allows flexibility and mobility to be prioritised at the same time as building strength. Pilates helps to prevent injury, enhances athletic performance and overall it improves range of movement. 

  • Full body workouts in a time-efficient way 

Short on time but want a full-body workout? A reformer class is perfect for this. We have a range of full-body workouts that can provide strength, stability and mobility for glutes, hamstrings, calves, inner thighs, abdominals, back, chest, shoulders and arms, all in 30 – 50 minutes. 

  • Mind-body connection & mental health  

Participating in physical exercise is a wonderful way to strengthen your mind and improve your mind-body connection. In reformer Pilates, you'll experience the added benefit of synchronizing your breath with movement and focusing on exercising with control. This combination helps foster a deeper awareness of the connection between your mind and body.


Basically, reformer Pilates is for everyone's body. It can wonderfully complement strength and conditioning exercises and other types of movement routines.

In our gym series, Brendon shows you exactly this, and how these movements on the reformer bed can even replace a workout on the gym floor.

What better way to celebrate Men’s health week than by giving Reformer Pilates a go with Your Reformer!