Men and Pilates: Busting myths and misconceptions

Men and Pilates: Busting myths and misconceptions

While Reformer Pilates has gained popularity as an at-home practice for women worldwide, what about men?

We're here to myth-bust and dispel common thoughts, misconceptions, and concerns that men often encounter when considering jumping on a reformer bed.

We also shed light on why this movement practice could be an excellent fit for the guys.

Myth #1: Reformer beds don’t accommodate the size of men  

Our range of Pilates reformer beds are designed to suit a variety of bodies and hold up to 160kgWe have multiple stopper positions on our reformers, making them adjustable to suit a wide range of heights.

Did you know that Australian rules football player Max Gawn has one of our YR Studio reformers in his home, and he's 209cm tall!  

Myth #2: Pilates is for women 

Correction, Pilates is for everybody! This myth is well overdue to be debunked.

Did you know that Pilates was created by a man named Joseph Pilates?

He created this incredible movement modality to share the benefit of core strength, balance, flexibility and mind-body connection with both men and women promoting overall health and wellbeing. 

Myth #3: Pilates isn't a workout... it's easy!

Pilates may look easy, but don’t be fooled. Reformer Pilates is an all-inclusive full-body workout targeting the core stabilising muscles of the body, isolating key muscles to produce what we often refer to as the ‘Pilates burn’!

One of the great benefits of Pilates is its ability to modify for all fitness levels and provide flexibility and mobility at the same time as strength work. However, as you progress through each movement, mindfully and with control, you’ll quickly discover the true challenge and power of Pilates.

Myth #4: I can't fit more into my workout routine!

We know it’s important to prioritize the movement pattern that suits your passion, but did you know that reformer Pilates can help improve your athletic performance? There are many ways you can include both Pilates and the training you love into your weekly routine Find out some of the ways you can do this.

Myth #5: Yoga is for mindfulness, Pilates is for stretching

Both practices can be transformational for mental health, focus and overall well-being. Just as there is a misconception that yoga is simply a meditative practice, there is a falsehood that Pilates is simply for stretching and core strength. The practice of Pilates certainly is core-strength-based and provides the benefit of lengthening and strengthening muscles simultaneously. However, there is also an incredible mindfulness benefit to Pilates as well. Reformer Pilates focuses on controlled movement and is designed to promote greater body awareness through this and its connection to breath.