FUN-ctional Pilates: How to make your Pilates sets fun as well as functional

FUN-ctional Pilates: How to make your Pilates sets fun as well as functional

Looking to add a little playfulness to your Pilates routine? We’ve got you sorted. 

Get synced! 

Tune into your favourite class and sync up with your instructor’s cues. Building on coordination and mindfulness practices, this is the perfect way to stay focused and aligned while enjoying your workout. Add to this further by syncing your breath to every move, enhancing core activation, and enjoying rhythmic movements.  Why not take it one step further and craft the perfect Pilates playlist? Music is the ultimate mood booster. Select tracks that resonates with you and your workout intensity and sync to the rhythm of the beat. 

Spice it up with the YR essentials pack

Adding props to your Pilates routine, challenges the functional basics and amplifies the fun factor. 

Whether it’s a Pilates ball, ring, or dumbbells, the essentials pack not only encourages additional exercises and variety, but allows you to play with your moves.

Complete your workout with the YR Reformer Pack, FREE with every reformer purchase during our birthday sale! Reformer pack includes reformer mat, wrist weights and a set of glute bands!

Join a YR challenge: 

Ready to level up your Pilates journey? Did you know all previous YR challenges are accessible to you in the at home app? A challenge is a fun-filled way to re-ignite your Pilates passion and form a solid wellness routine. Our challenges range from 10 days to 28, from beginner to intermediate levels and have been carefully curated to build on FUN-ctional movements! 

Remember, our Pilates practice is more than just a physical workout. Finding ways to add an element of fun to your routine nurtures and lifts the spirit creating a well-rounded, holistic practice.   

Give these ideas a go and share the love tagging us on socials, we love seeing your workouts and cheering you on!